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Your Health

Complementary Therapies as part of a healthy lifestyle

Complementary therapies can have great benefits for you to help maintain your health and wellbeing. A few of the benefits are listed below.

You should understand that your therapist is not a doctor, does not diagnose conditions, and will in some cases ask for your GP's permission to treat you. Some therapies don't combine well with certain conditions and Leeds Holistics will always seek to cooperate fully with your doctor so that you get the best, most appropriate care. Examples of such conditions can include cancer, recent operations, serious or infectious skin conditions, serious breathing problems, and serious heart or blood pressure issues.

If in doubt, ask your GP first for a letter giving permission for you to have treatments and setting out any relevant information they feel the therapist should be aware of. If your GP charges for the letter, Leeds Holistics will deduct the cost of the letter from the cost of your treatments.

Taking Control of your Health

At Leeds Holistics, we believe that good health is a positive state which we can help you towards. Good health is not simply the absence of illness - it's also in the way you take care of yourself when you're well, and in your attitude to life, yourself and other people.

We all know that you should eat at least five portions of fruit and veg a day, quit smoking, drink less alcohol and more water, exercise more and cultivate a good work-life balance. But depending where you are in your life, that's not always an easy list to tackle on your own!

Leeds Holistics are here to help. Bring us your stress, your worries, your gym-induced aches and pains, your hectic life - we'll help you find time for yourself and get you in the right frame of mind to tackle whatever's going on in your life.

Massage for Back Pain

Massage can be useful for most aches and pains, whether caused by stress exercise, or minor injuries. It has been specifically recommended for persistent (long lasting) non-specific (not caused by a specific injury or illness) lower back pain by NICE.

The full NICE guidelines can be found here, but the guidelines suggest that 'manual therapy' can be useful. Manual therapy is further defined as 'spinal manipulation, spinal mobilisation and massage'

If you have serious or acute back problems you should see your GP first, but sports massage at Leeds Holistics will often be able to help.

Complementary Therapies and Mental Health

Holistic massage or Reiki are great treatments for stress, so can have a beneficial effect on many conditions which are either caused by or made worse by stress. They are also useful to give you that bit of quiet space away from everything going on in the rest of the world - somewhere you can collect yourself and get away from the pressures of life. Many people also find that the therapist's touch can be very calming; gentle touch from someone who only has your wellbeing in mind can be very powerful.

Further information and advice can be found at the Royal College of Psychiatrists website. The charity Rethink Mental Health also has useful information on the benefits of complementary therapies to support people with mental health problems.

Your GP should be your first port of call with serious problems, and complementary therapies aren't a substitute for prescribed medication.

Complementary Therapies and Cancer

As a general rule, massage is not suitable for people with cancer. Exceptions can sometimes be made in the final stages as a palliative measure, but only with your doctor's consent.

Reiki can be helpful at any stage, but you should still ask your doctor.

If you are a friend or relative of someone with a condition as serious as cancer, you may find massage or Reiki useful to help you deal with the stress and worry involved.

Further information can be found at the NHS website.

Complementary Therapies for the Armed Forces

At Leeds Holistics we understand how hard Forces life can be, for its members and their families. We have active servicemen in our family, so we know exactly what it's like. We understand about the rigours of training, the worry and stress the family go through when a loved one is deployed, and the difficulties on their return if they have physical or mental scars.

We offer discounts for members of the Armed Forces and their families (ID required) - 50% off your first treatment and 20% off subsequent treatments, so that you can have affordable access to treatments to help you cope with everything that goes with military life.

There is some evidence that physical treatments such as massage can help to alleviate the symptoms of PTSD - more information is available at the Royal College of Psychiatrists website.

For more information on the conditions we treat and services we offer, or to book an appointment please call 07736 317215 or email us at

Back & Neck pain
Back & Neck pain
Our massage therapists are experienced at diagnosing the cause of back and neck strains, whether it is a recent or long term occurance.
Sports Massage
Sports Massage
A popular treatment among athletes. It is a deep massage treatment, designed to help with aches and pains.

Our therapists are experience in enhancing the effect of a massage using combination of natural oils.

Stress & Tension
Stress & Tension
Too much stress can impact your health. At Leeds Holistics we can help reduce stress and the effect it is having your health.