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Can anyone have a treatment?

In theory yes, anyone can have a treatment. Leeds Holistics does not treat people under the age of 18 unless their parent or guardian signs a consent form for them and remains present during the treatment.

There are also some medical conditions which can make massage an inappropriate treatment, and a few which make Reiki inappropriate. If you are not sure if massage or Reiki are for you because of pre-existing medical conditions or you are taking any medication, you should consult your GP first. Leeds Holistics may in certain circumstances ask for a letter from your GP before treating you, and if this is necessary the cost of your first treatment will be reduced by the amount your GP charges you for the letter. If in doubt, please ask your GP.

Why do you ask for my medical history?

Certain conditions mean that massage or Reiki are not appropriate or safe for you, and it is also useful for your therapist to know of any conditions you have so that the treatment can be adjusted if necessary to ensure the condition is not made worse. Your therapist is not a doctor and will seek to co-operate fully with your GP to ensure that you have the best care possible. If a letter from your GP is needed, the cost of your first treatment will be reduced by the amount your GP charges you for the letter.

Do I have to take my clothes off?

If you are having a Reiki treatment, then all you will be asked to remove will be your shoes. It is sensible to wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothes for Reiki treatments as you will be lying down in them.

If you are having massage, it is usually done with the client undressed, and covered with towels or sheets. Some people prefer to leave their underwear on, some people prefer not to. Either is fine as your therapist will ensure that your modesty is preserved.

If you donít want to take your clothes off, then donít! You will never be asked to do anything youíre not comfortable with, but you must accept any limitations this places on the treatment.

Please note that jewellery, makeup and fake tan products can make massage treatments difficult, and should also be removed before your treatment.

I know what treatment I want, why do I book by time rather than treatment?

Leeds Holistics does not provide Ďstandardí treatments Ė we provide individually tailored treatments to provide you with the best treatment possible on the day.

Maybe when you book you have aching muscles so you want a deep massage focussed on the aches. But then you have a bad nightís sleep the night before your treatment, and you decide on the day what you really want is a gentle Reiki treatment to help you unwind and sleep. As youíve booked a time rather than a treatment, thatís absolutely fine and there's no price difference to worry about.

By asking you to book time rather than a specific treatment, you can always have the treatment you need at the time, not the treatment you needed when you booked. It keeps the pricing simple and your treatments the best they can be.

How long do the effects of a treatment last?

This depends entirely on you. Different people react differently, depending on their health and circumstances.

If you are having a treatment to ease your stress levels, fundamentally speaking you need to stop doing whatever it is that is making you stressed, to have a truly long-term effect. If you canít or wonít do that, then the effects will be short-term.

There are things you can do to prolong the effects, and your therapist will give you detailed advice after your treatment. In general though, if you take the rest of the day easy, donít eat stodgy meals, and get an early night after a treatment, youíll feel the benefits longer.

How often should I have treatments?

This depends what the treatments are aimed at. If you are having treatments to ease a particular condition or help you through a particularly stressful time, then you may need weekly treatments until the condition is resolved. If you are having general maintenance treatments as part of a healthy lifestyle, you may only need them once a month or once every few months, when you feel you need some help. Leeds Holistics will never try to sell you treatments you donít need or want.

Is your treatment room suitable for people with access needs?

Our rooms are on the ground floor. There are four steps to get into the building, with a stairlift - once inside there are no further steps. Our treatment tables are all automatically height-adjustable, so your therapist can adjust the table to a height to suit you. Please contact us in advance if you have any questions or concerns, which we will be happy to help with.

For more information on the conditions we treat and services we offer, or to book an appointment please call 07736 317215 or email us at info@leedsholistics.co.uk

Back & Neck pain
Back & Neck pain
Our massage therapists are experienced at diagnosing the cause of back and neck strains, whether it is a recent or long term occurance.
Sports Massage
Sports Massage
A popular treatment among athletes. It is a deep massage treatment, designed to help with aches and pains.

Our therapists are experience in enhancing the effect of a massage using combination of natural oils.

Stress & Tension
Stress & Tension
Too much stress can impact your health. At Leeds Holistics we can help reduce stress and the effect it is having your health.