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Conditions We Treat

Many conditions can benefit from the therapies offered at Leeds Holistics, but we specialise in some.

Back and Neck Pain

The most common complaints which send people to a massage therapist are back or neck pain. The back and neck take enormous amounts of strain each day, whatever lifestyle you lead. Whether your problem is whiplash, tight or aching muscles, or other injuries, we can help. Some problems will need a vigorous approach with sports massage techniques, while others will need a gentler approach Ė we have the expertise to tailor your treatment to your injury to help you heal.


Massage is recommended by the Royal College of Psychiatrists as being useful in helping sufferers of post traumatic stress disorder to manage their symptoms. At Leeds Holistics we work with and have trained with the charity Healing Hands Network which specialises in using complementary therapies to support survivors of war and disaster, and in providing complementary therapies to current members of the armed forces and their families. At Leeds Holistics we have servicemen in the family, so we know first-hand about the far-reaching effects of combat. If you, or someone you care about, has PTSD, whether from war or other trauma, you can come to Leeds Holistics and know you will be treated by a therapist who understands.

Complementary Therapies for the Armed Forces

At Leeds Holistics we know all about the stresses and strains of military life, and provide therapies which can help. Whether youíve just returned from exercises, training courses, or tours of duty, we can help to work the knots out of your muscles, soothe your aching feet, help you cope with the stresses and strains and assist with injury rehabilitation. Weíre also great at looking after forces families, who go through so much to support their loved ones.

Stress and tension

All of us have felt stressed at some time, and although stress isnít always a negative thing you can have too much of it! Many conditions can be either caused by or made worse by prolonged stress. At Leeds Holistics we donít promise to cure your stress. Only you can do that, by changing the situation which you find stressful. What we can do is help you to manage it in the meantime, and help to mitigate effects such as insomnia, headaches, or aching muscles, and provide you with a quiet space away from the situation you are finding difficult.

For more information on the conditions we treat and services we offer, or to book an appointment please call 07736 317215 or email us at

Back & Neck pain
Back & Neck pain
Our massage therapists are experienced at diagnosing the cause of back and neck strains, whether it is a recent or long term occurance.
Sports Massage
Sports Massage
A popular treatment among athletes. It is a deep massage treatment, designed to help with aches and pains.

Our therapists are experience in enhancing the effect of a massage using combination of natural oils.

Stress & Tension
Stress & Tension
Too much stress can impact your health. At Leeds Holistics we can help reduce stress and the effect it is having your health.